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Part of the Christian life is growing in our knowledge of God. Our faith is always placed in an object, and through our study together we seek to learn more about the great God we serve. We do offer the following:

Children's Sunday School Class. Because of our emphasis on family integrated worship, we do not have an age-segregated children's Sunday School program. However, children aged 5-15 are invited to participate in our children's class taught by our pastor. This class combines scripture memorization, preparation for congregational singing, the teaching of the Westminster Shorter Catechism or Heidelberg Catechism, and, of course, the study of God's word.

Adult Sunday School Class. To help our members grow in a balanced way, we offer Christian Education classes in three main branches: 1. studies of Bible books; 2. studies of theological topics; 3. studies of a practical aspect of Christian living. These are offered on a quarterly basis and are taught by the elders of the church, or other qualified men in the congregation.