Our Beliefs: Biblical

The Bible is the ultimate authority of the Christian

One of the early ways that the Muslims used to identify Christians was the people of the book. Why? Because of their adherance to the Word of God as revealed in the Bible. Since the earliest days of the church, beginning with Adam, the people of God have been led by His Word. In the earliest days, God spoke to people personally, as we can see with Adam, Noah, Abraham and Jacob. During the time of the Israelite kingdoms, God used prophets who proclaimed his word to the Jews. “Thus says the Lord…” was their introduction of choice. When Jesus comes, we have yet another manifestation of God’s Word. We have Immanuel, God with us, dwelling among us and telling us his Word. When he ascends into heaven he commissions his apostles to be his ambassadors. As the eye-witnesses of Jesus In our days, we have the Word of God in written form in the pages of the Bible. The pages of this book tell us God’s plan of salvation definitively, and without error. So what does that mean for how we use the Bible? 


Because the Bible is the God-breathed Word of God for man, we use it as the final authority for what we are to know about God and what our duty to Him is. That authority is not derived from any man or institution, but from God who is its author.


The Bible tells us all we need to know for our lives. I don’t mean that the Bible covers every aspect of our lives in detail. For instance, it doesn’t talk to us specifically about how much time spent watching television is too much. However, although not all situations are specifically mentioned in the Bible, there are principles from which we can build a proper response to every single area of our lives.

Perspicuous or Clear

"Perspicuous" is a theological word that is used to say the Bible is clear. That does not mean that every section of Scripture is as clear as the next, but the basic message of the Bible can be understood by anyone simply by reading it. In other words, the Bible teaches us clearly what is to be believed and observed for salvation. We don’t need a special interpreter to help us understand how we are to be saved.
This Word of God is what Christians must use as the guide and final standard for their lives. In order to be able to do so Cliffwood Presbyterian Church sets the word of God before its members and visitors every week. We look at it together, to see how we can learn to use it in our lives. When we read it we ask ourselves, “What is this passage teaching us about God? What is this passage teaching us about our duties to Him as a result of our relationship?” As we do so, we are spiritually nourished and refined.
"For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." (Hebrews 4:12)