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Cliffwood is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to worship the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in all that we say do and think. What we believe about God will very much shape our decisions of how we worship him, or how we live in His presence. Cliffwood has a commitment the three core principle, although the first principle is really the foundation for the other two:


The Scriptures are the foundation of the Christian's life. Whether or not he lives that way is quite another matter. At Cliffwood we strive to base our teaching, worship, and daily decision on the principle of the supremacy of God's word in our lives. We understand the Bible to be authoritative, sufficient, and clear. more...


​Reformed theology was formally born in the early 16th century, although its roots go back to Augustine (345-430). The Reformed understanding of the Bible's teaching has been summarized in various confession statements, one of which is the Westminster Standards. As a denomination we recognize these documents as an accurate summary of what the Bible teaches. more..


​Over the past several decades, the definition of a family and the roles of its members have been radically changed without much of a protest in the Christian community. At Cliffwood we seek to restore it to its proper place as fathers and mothers are equipped to train up their children in the fear and admonition of God. more...


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