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2021 Christian Life Conference


The 2021 Christian Life Conference will be held at Cliffwood Presbyterian Church from October 15-17, 2021. Dr. Ryan McGraw, professor of Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary will be walking us through the covenants of Scripture and their significance for a deep and meaningful understanding of God's work on behalf of His people. Come join us for a weekend of solid, biblical teaching, and good Christian fellowship at Cliffwood Presbyterian Church.

Talks include:

The Son and the Seed Before the Beginning: The Covenant of Redemption

  • A Sacrament, a Son, and a Bad Seed: The Covenant of Works

  • The Beginning of the Story of the Son, the Seed, and the Sacraments: The Covenant of Grace

  • The Survival of the Seed and a Sign: The Noahic Covenant

  • The Son, the Seed, the Sacraments in Progress: The Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic Covenants

  • Redeeming the Seed through the Son: The New Covenant